Validator, Community Enthusiast & Builder

As a professional validator, we actively engage in the community, creating valuable content, developing tools, and providing services to support the ecosystem.

Supported Mainnet
Supported Testnet

Why stake with us?

Our robust and reliable infrastructure ensures maximum uptime and uninterrupted service.
Security is our priority. We monitor our service 24/7 to mitigate risks and safeguard all staked assets.
Low Commission
We offer competitive, low commission rates, maximizing the rewards that go directly to our delegators.
We are a community-driven validator. We actively participate in network governance and support the community.

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Other Supported Mainnets

Supported Testnets

Only list some of ongoing testnets


  • Autonity

  • Avail

  • Babylon

  • Diva

  • EigenDA

  • Gnoland

  • Lamina1

  • Lava

  • Namada

  • Penumbra

  • Subsquid

Our Services

We do not just run nodes—we partner with projects for success. We believe our services can contribute to the success.


  • Public endpoints

    We provide reliable public endpoints for developers to conveniently access all supported networks.

  • IBC Relayer

    We operate IBC relayer securely transferring assets and data between independent blockchains.

  • Open-Source Tools

    We develop useful open-source tools to support the ecosystem.

  • Customer Support

    When you need help, feel free to reach out any time, on discord, telegram, or twitter.

Recent Contents

As a community-based validator, we have created various contents both in English and Chinese.